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Axis 3, Action 3.3.4/C

Support for the competitiveness of enterprises in tourist destinations, by means of supply-side qualification and product/service innovation measures
Announcement: DGR N.1391 del 16/09/2020 – 3.3.4/C
Notice of call for contributions for the adaptation of tourist accommodation facilities to comply with health and hygiene requirements for the reopening and conduct of activities as a result of the COVID-19 emergency

Within this measure, Hotel Villa Moron was able to implement:

six-monthly sanitisation of the air conditioning system of the entire facility: cleaning and sanitisation of each of the 25 fan coils, sanitisation and antibacterial treatment of the indoor unit with specific products, check and cleaning of the filters, check and cleaning of the condensation drains, cleaning and checking of the exchanger; cleaning and sanitisation of the 2 outdoor units, including cleaning of the battery with washing products;

sanitising and sanitising the rooms after each departure, the common areas and the breakfast room, with specific sanitising products to prevent the spread of the Covid19 virus.

The Veneto Region contributed € 14,000 to the project.